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, late spring/early summer, to make funds available explicitly and only for youth fare program, both here and in san josÉ. that did not get the approval of the mtc. around that same time the mta board approved our two year budget for the mta. month youth fare pilot that would provide for free fare or zero dollar fare for low income youth contingent on funding froñ mtc. the understanding at that time that it would be this funding spring/early summer that was available only for that use. the tpi program has made funding available for that use but it's available for other uses as well and we could use all or none of it arguably for the youth fare part of this. but i do want to point out again that increased ridership was one of the main goals of the tpi program and a larger -- i think it was called transit sustainability project that mtc undertook for a couple of years, out of which came the tpi. so it's on that basis that we're making the recommendations that we are going to be making. >> supervisor wiener: mr. risken would you agree improving muni's reliant would increase ridership if it
fares went from 10 to 22. what would be the dollar figure, if instead of going from 22 to zero, you went from 22 to 10, if that's what caused the drop? >> like i said most of the cost of the program is the anticipated revenue loss. so if we -- it would basically cut the cost of the program in half. for us to administer a program -- if we changed all youth fares to 10 across the board that would be easy, something we could do virtually overnight. to have two different class of youth fares would be administratively cumbersome. as i said we're really trying to and get away from you're young so you ride more inexpensively. >> supervisor elsbernd: okay. >> thank you. >> supervisor elsbernd: thank you. any -- ed's go th -- got to lea. any other questions for mta staff? seeing none, go to public comment. hopefully you have filled out a card. i'm going to let supervisor wiener read out the cards. one thing i would ask, after you testify, if you could then move into the overflow room. there are tvs there, you will still be able to watch and hear but we need to open up space for folks who are star
of youth transit, both monthly passes or individual fares. i raised two kids in the public school system. they took muni. if i hadn't been able to get a free pass for myself throughnoje muni access committee i would have had great financial difficulty. i think you need to stop and look atykjy( what's been overlo. youth can't work. they don't get a job if you're 8 years old. we heard the discussion that maybe seniors and disabled should get free passes. you know, i'm part of that constituency, but seniors and people with disabilities can get access to some money sources. maybe a social security pension, maybe ssi, social security disability insurance. the fact is youth don't have that access to money. we, who are seniors, or have a disability maybe we can work part time. account even though two mayors, brown and newsom talked about free muni for seniors they did nothing to really push for it. the last page of the preparation shows that only maybe 24% of the allotment would go towards this youth support program. that's important to keep in mind. the resolution doesn't say all for maintenan
analysis. "fareed zakaria gps" is next for our viewers here in the united states. >>> this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we're done with campaigning, so let's talk about governing. we'll start with two former secretaries of trek treasury, robert rubin, paul o'neill, one a democrat, one a republican. we'll talk about the fiscal cliff, how to avoid falled over it and once we solve that problem how we get the rest of the u.s. house in order. >>> then an exclusive inthor view with bill gates, the richest man in the united states and the world's biggest philanthropist. i'll get his thoughts on the president's re-election, on the new innovation economy, and the revolution taking place in education. >>> and why the next foreign policy crisis for the world's number one power might well involve the world's number two power. but first here's my take. now that president obama has won re-election, the debate in washington has shifted from whether we should raise taxes to how and by how much. this makes se
ends sunday at sleep train. fareed zaka . >>> so this is an assortment of rockets that have fallen over the ashkelon area. this is not all of them, there are more of them laying around. this is a rocket, you can tell by the fins that pop out when the rocket gets launched. whereas this is one of the homemade qassam rocket. >> he and his crew were forced to take cover a number of times. one american diplomat who understands what it took to negotiate the cease-fire and what it will take to maintain it. is george mitchell, special envoy from 2009-2011. he is schooled in the opposing viewpoints, and also in '99, chaired the committee to help with the agreements there. and i spoke to him about the difficulties that lie ahead. senator mitchell, how optimistic are you that this cease-fire can hold, and what would be the next steps in ensuring that it holds? >> well, it is critically important, the longer it goes on, with fighting and dying, the harder it is to solve any problem. on the other hand, past experience tells us it will be difficult to have a truly enforceable truce that will take hol
is fareed za k zakaria, princeton university's emory slaughter, and back with us, senior international correspondent ben wedeman in gaza city. ben, we checked in with you at the top of the program. any change in the situation in gaza city? i imagine things are pretty quiet. there were celebrations earlier. those surveillance drones, i assume, are still flying? >> it's quiet now. i can hear the chickens downstairs. the drones overhead. the sound of the drones was drowned out for those few hours when people were out celebrating. but now they're back. and it really is a reminder that gaza is very much under the control of the israelis. they control the sky. they patrol with boats off the coast. and with the warplanes as well. so much has changed in the last eight days, but much hasn't. anderson? >> ben, in your opinion, what does this mean for the power of hamas and the power of the palestinian authority in mahmoud abbas? is this some sort of acknowledgment, "a," that the attempt by the u.s. and israel to politically isolate hamas has failed and that the future lies with hamas as opposed
. in the days and weeks ahead will be crucial. joining me is fareed zakaria. host of "fareed zakaria gps" and back us with is senior international correspondent ben wedeman in gaza city. we checked in with you at the top of the program. any change in the situation in gaza city? i imagine things quiet. celebrations earlier. i assume the drones are still flying? >>> so quiet i can hear the chickens downstairs. the sound of the drones was drowned out when people were out celebrating. now they are back and it really is a reminder that gaza is very much under the control of the israelis, control the sti, control with boats off the coast. and with the war money as well. much as changed in the last eight days, but much hasn't. anderson. >> ben, if your opinion, what does this mean for the power of hamas and the power of the palestinian authority and mahmoud abbas? is this some accident nonement that, a, the attempt by u.s. and israel to politically isolate hamas has failed? and the future lies with hamas as opposed with mahmoud abbas? >> well, i don't think the united states is about to switch
, the loading in the pass -- so if you put $10 on it or put a fare on it, it has that. but your personal information is separate and is at a customer service center that is far away and not linked to your card. no one can get anything from your card even if these devices which are being introduced scan it. your information resides in a customer center station. so the customer service which is privately contracted out, is really the only place where a connection is made to you as a person and almost -- only as a result of your request. >> okay. thank you. if there are no other comments or questions we will go on to public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. >> thank you, members of the board, my name is chris connelly. part of our mission is to make sure that as new technology comes along that people don't have to choose between using the new technology and keeping their privacy. we are pleased to hear that mtc is taking action that clipper action, although not as precise as information from a cell phone, can reveal a lot about a indiv
to assault and abuse our fare inspectors. >> chairman nolan: we also received indication from the president of 258 about drivers as well; he was referring to the driver after the world series in the bus, attacked, set on fire. all that mr. reiskin, if you could come back to some point, i look around the country and see what best practices might be there. i am sure that fare inspectors is tough stuff. >> secretary boomer: -- report. >> good afternoon. a few things for you today. first of all happy to announce the couple of awards, recognition that the agency has received, the mtc, metropolitan transportation committee presented the sfmta with excellent emotion award for sf park, and also -- the annual award program the mtc puts on, we were fortunate to be recognized for two different programs. also eric williams, the president of 258 and i attended an event of the san francisco museum and historical society, when both muni for its 100 anniversary and the market street railway received awards of merit from that society. get to get positive recognition for the history of muni which ag
.com/sotu for analysis. look for us on itunes. "fareed zakaria gps" in next for our viewers in the united states. >> this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we have a great show for you. first a rare treat. two great historians on what makes for a successful second term. jon meacham and robert carroll talk about their subjects, thomas jefferson, lyndon johnson, and a bit about barack obama as well. >>> then the conflict in gaza yet again reminds us forget about globalization and information revolution. if you want to understand the world, look at geography. nations are still bound by it, says robert kaplan, who uses maps to show us what to worry about. you won't want to miss this. >>> and the middle class is rising. no, not here in the united states, but right next door in latin america, and it will have huge consequences for the western hemisphere and the world. >>> also, if you thought black friday was crazy, check out the sales in europe. i'll explain. but first here's my take. >>> it's thanksgiving weekend, a
the iowa caucuses in 2016. i'm candy crowley. "fareed zakaria gps" starts right now. >>> this is gps, the global public square. welcome to awe of you around the united states and the world. i'm fareed zakaria. how can the president and his team make sure to do it right? how can he avoid the pitfalls of so many second terms? i'll talk to two former white house chiefs of staff and david gergen, who has advised several presidents. >>> then, what happens when you mix big data and a presidential election? the results are fascinating and a little scary. it might well be the future of politics in america. >>> also, sea barriers, wetlands, futuristic construction materials. what is the answer to climate change and how can we all adapt to this new normal of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods? i'll talk to jeffrey sachs and "time" magazine's brian walsh. >>> and why is there such an antiqued way of voting? i'll take a look. but first here's my take. growing up in the india in the 1960s and '70s, ales thought of america as the future. it was the place where the newest technology, the best gadget
short, not a lot of sunlight left in fare banks. minus 2. anchorage at 32. juneau rain showers. in the northwest, rain and snow moving through. spokane has snow this morning. we're fine from vegas to phoenix and los angeles. as i mentioned tomorrow, things do begin to improve. still showers around. but the worst of it is this morning. >> you know what was really strange about that, you had minus two degrees but you still had a sun behind snit. >> again, there's not a lot of sunlight in alaska this time of year. >> bizarre. and very cold. >>> let's head now to some entertainment news. bond took over the box office this weekend. "skyfall", the 23rd installment in the 007 franchise scored the highest ever opening for a bond film with $87.8 million. it was the fourth biggest after the avengers and the hunger games. "lincoln" also fared well, making close to $1 million in just 11 theaters before its wide release this weekend. here's a fun fact for you. daniel day-lewis wouldn't even break character on set, leading people to believe that he actually thought he was abraham lincoln. >>
cheated on his wife, he fared a baby and a time when his beloved wife was dying of cancer, so for him redemption may be tricker. as society do we reserve special contempt for a woman perceived as a homewrecker, especially when a powerful man is involved? >> the very question has some sexist language in it. to suggest that a woman who is having an affair with a powerful man is a homewrecker is to lay blame 100% at the foot of the woman who is involved in the affair. >> reporter: sarah stars in a new canadian reality show called the mistress. >> used to be a mistress -- >> reporter: which does interventions for women involved in married men. >> the man always fares better and eludes me to be honest, he chose to step out on his way, betray her, break his vows. >> reporter: broadwell is married with children, feminist naomi wolf who published a new wolf on women and sexuality says she doesn't condone adultery. >> it's not up to me to give anybody a scarlet letter but if we sit around shaming people for going outside their marriages, let it at least be a single standard for god's sake. i w
. >> reporter: they say 80 legislatures got perfect scores and others didn't fare quite as well, with 6 getting fs, at the bottom, delegate don dwyer. we visited his office in annapolis after repeatedly asking for comment, wondering why dwyer voted against bills of a financial education, and the state having more power with regulator. other lawmakers at the bottom of the list were happy to answer our questions. >> if you can't stand here and defend the votes you make, then you don't belong here. >> cecil scored a 48% on the report card which he says is flawed in math and methodology. it gave equal weight to house votes and points out he voted in 5 of >> many of the bills are consumer oriented they would never give any consideration many of the bills because they're conservative. i think they need to be called out. they need to change the way they do t. it's a flawed system and i think it's great people put a spotlight on the votes. >> reporter: steve shoe who got a 54% said he would have done the report card differently. he voted with the group five times and says it needs to include more bills
about all of this with sara sidner and also david kirkpatrick of "the new york times" and cnn's fareed zakaria. what is the latest on the attacks and the fallout? >> what we are seeing are more rockets coming into israel. there have been dozens of air strikes, as well since the killing of ahmed al jabarry, who is the leader of hamas' military wing, but he is also one of the founders of hamas. we are talking about a huge blow to hamas, and now the government there in gaza. israel is also telling us, and we've just heard this from its military spokesperson, that they are bringing in reservists, but they are considering a ground war, but have not yet given the go-ahead for that, but they are preparing. we know that they have been firing with the air with the air strikes, but we also know that they have been firing from the sea. their ships are anchored just off of the sea there in gaza firing into gaza, and according to residents in gaza that we spoke to, at one point, it seemed to be raining bombs there in gaza. you can see some of the fires there. a big fallout. and there's real concern
- but the number of travelers flying is expected to dip slightly, despite deals like coupons and cheaper fares on thanksgiving day. "there's big schedules at the airlines now on thanksgiving, trying to make the most of the holiday, and you can still find some deals." fewer air travelers shortens the average trip americans will make: this year, 588 miles, down from 706 miles last year. those who don't fly often may find transportation security administration - tsa - rules this year a little different. "kids 12 and younger don't have to take shoes off. it helps everyone go through airport security. also, there are body scanners now, and even if you have a tissue in your pocket, you should remove the tissue ahead of time." overall, holiday travel, whether driving, flying or taking a bus or train, is down 26% from the peak in 2005. while it may not seem like a deal, the price of gasoline has dropped 35 cents in the last month. and there are other values to be found on the road between home and grandma's house. "people are continuing to look for inexpensive hotels, free breakfasts, free wifi." the
on christmas. metro will be raising fares once again, how much tickets will cost one year after they had already raised them and let the winter games begin a sign of the seasons the mccormick tribune ice rink at mi o [ female announcer ] he could be your soul mate. but first you've got to get him to say hello. new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. one year after mantras biggest fare hike and for the transit agency voted to raise fares again the board approved not unanimously to boost the price of their popular tickets the increase will range from 275 at oftwo $9 -$9 the increase is expected to go into effect february 1st. cardinal francis george presiding over mass today remembering the deceased bishops priest and the deacons of the archdiocese. in the annual mass at the cathedral which remembers those who have died during the past year it's also the 16th anniversary of the death of the predecessor he continues his c
of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. in two days america will pick its president for the next four years. we'll take two different looks at this moment in time. first a global perspective. we've assembled experts from europe, middle east, and asia to tell us how the rest of the world sees this election. then i have a panel of distinguished historians, walter isa isaacson, sean wilentz and edmund morris to look at an eye to the past. what do past campaigns and past presidents tell us about this nail-biter? also americans might be anxious to learn tuesday's results of the chinese are even more anxious, perhaps, to learn who their new leaders will be, why they might have more at stake than we do. but first here's my take. whoever wins the election on tuesday, on wednesday either barack obama or mitt romney will have to start worrying about the same urgent challenge, how to stop the united states from falling over the fiscal cliff. this is, of course, the second cliff hanger that the united states has faced in two years, the first being the debt ceiling deba
fresh protests in new york tonight. what is the battle between israel and hamas mean for america? fareed zakaria joins me live coming up next. >>> that is exactly -- all >>> that is exactly -- all right, i'm going to move out of the way, i'm going to let you get a look here. i'm going to let you get a look at what is going on. now, i can see the black smoke. it's difficult to capture on camera but you saw that flash. this is what we have been dealing with all day. we've also been dealing with, i'm sorry, the power has just gone out. we've been dealing with power outages, wolf, but this feels like war. >> terrifying moment there. that's cnn's sara sidner inside gaza. death tolls rise in the middle east as the question is where will this deadly conflict lead to. with me is fareed zakaria. welcome, fareed. >> thanks. >> sara said in one of her reports it feels like war out there. we have seen these scenes erupting with regularity. what makes it perhaps more dangerous, clarify this for me, is the fact you have so much instability around israel at the moment. egypt, we don't really know what'
a lot to think about. joining me now, fareed zakaria. he is the host of fareed zakaria. you understand foreign affairs. let's talk about europe, first of all. during the campaign, you would get the impression that europe was the biggest threat to the united states. but if europe doesn't get its act together, you saw the trade between europe and the united states is greater. is the president worrying about that more? >> he's worrying about it. there's no danger of a lehman-like collapse in europe because they have essentially copied the federal reserve and has provided liquidity, so no crisis, no crash. instead what has happened is the slow motion crisis which is slow growth because europe has embraced austerity, they've cut a lot of government spending, they've raised taxes to cut budget deficits, but the result is the economy is in a tailspin. obama can't do much, though, because welcome to the post-economy world. they don't want to hear from the americans. geithner tried to give them lectures about austerity and they said, thanks, but no thanks, we don't want to hear from you. this i
refundable fare delta offered the chance for peace of mind top upgrade to a refund fair for $737, nearly triple that of my original fare. >> reporter: while spirit offers low fares, if your carry-on won't fit the seat the airline charges as much as $100. if you are looking for a place to stay, the moderately priced hotels are nice indeed. >> these -- this hotel lives up to motto, extras aren't extra. >> reporter: included this in the price hot food in the morning and at night free wifi. home depot has a nice policy when it comes to major appliances like fridge and stoves it will haul away your old appliance, eliminating the hassle of finding someone to take it away. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >>> check out before you start your black friday shopping we've come pilled a list of -- compiled a list of stores opening thanksgiving day, all at under see it on tv. >>> for those of how like to plan ahead in your shopping, black friday weather should be fine, until then we have ups and downs. >> still in an active pattern we are just taking a break today from it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 675 (some duplicates have been removed)